Tribunal on EU crisis policies

15/05/2014 – 16/05/2014 all-day
1000 Bruselas
Corporate Europe Observatory

EUs policies on “trial”

This is the basics:

– First, we will hear “witnesses” from across Europe, from a variety of social movements and from various countries.
– Second, we will hear the “reporteurs”, who is supposed to reflect on the key developments at the European level and link them to EU policies (to the extent they are).
– Thirdly, three “coordinators” or “judges” will present a statement on “the responsbility of EU policies” concerning increase in poverty and inequality, roll-back of social rights and democracy. Witnesses and “reporteurs” will be invited to give inputs and comments to early versions of the statement/verdict.

It will be organised by (among others) CEO, TNI, transform!, and the
European ATTAC Network, with the support from the the Blockupy
coalition and the Alter Summit as well. It’s an attempt to raise the
issue of the EU’s reponse to the crisis shortly before the EP elections, with a focus on austerity policies, attacks on social rights and attacks on the public sector.